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    April 20, 2013
    5:30 - 6:01pm PDT  

>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the end of a massive manhunt that paralyzed one of the nation's largest cities. new legal questions linked to the final suspect of the boston marathon bombings. [ yelling ] >> preparing for a huge disaster in the bay area. the emergency drill that helped volunteers think like first responders. >> and new security measures along the race route ahead of the next big marathon in london. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. as the surviving suspect in monday's marathon bombings recovers in a boston hospital, the legal issues surrounding 19- year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev are already starting. cbs reporter adriana diaz has the latest from boston on the
investigation. reporter: ann, the crowd you see behind me has been gathering all day with people to pay their respects. as for the suspect, he is being treated at the same hospital where some of the victim of mondays of the bombing with still recovering. a special interrogation team used on high value targets is ready to question 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev when he is able to communicate. >> law enforcement professionals are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives because we have a million questions. and those questions need to be answered. >> reporter: police captured tsarnaev after nearly a day- long search. officers did not read him his miranda rights. they invoked a rarely used public safety exception. the case started thursday night when his older brother tamerlan died after a firefight with police. then officers spent friday going door to door in watertown looking for johar. pictures from a night vision
camera show he was hiding in a boat stored in a backyard. after a second shootout, tsarnaev gave himself up and medics rushed him to the hospital. doctors here at boston's beth israel are treating the suspect for serious injuries. cbs news has learned he is suffering from leg and neck wounds and could have bled to death if he hadn't been found in time. authorities are still in watertown collecting evidence. residents are glad it's all over. >> it's surreal finding yourself in a war zone. >> reporter: a memorial for the victims is growing in downtown boston. 11-year-old catherine left this note. >> i meant it with my heart when i wrote it and i really hope boston gets better. >> reporter: many say they are glad life can get back to normal finally. now, one of the latest statements we have gotten is from the islamic society of boston and cambridge. they said both suspects were members of their faith community, that's how they put it. in the statement they said they are in shock to have learned
the crimes of the individuals. in their visits they never exhibited any violent sentiments or behaviors or otherwise it would have been immediately reported to the fbi. live in boston, adriana diaz, back to you. >> let's talk about the concerns over tsarnaev being questioned. what is the aclu saying about him being interrogated by police without being formally told of his miranda rights. >> reporter: the aclu has been speaking out about it. he is not being read his rights because the government is using a public safety exemption. that means they think he could still be a danger to the public. but the american civil liberties union says he is not still a risk to endanger anyone and should be read his miranda rights and should be given an attorney as soon as possible particularly because of the interrogations that he is expected to go through. >> thank you. there will be plenty of extra security tomorrow when runners hit the streets for london's annual marathon. the event in boston prompted
last-minute adjustments to the event with a route of more than 26 miles, police saying it is impossible to entirely secure the perimeter around the race. they say more patrols on the route are meant to reassure runners and fans. >> i have reviewed my operation with my partners which is british transport police, london police and others and i have increasing my policing operations to a high visibility reassurance patrols in london. >> ias year's race attracted 37,000 runners and more than 600,000 spectators. in the texas town where a deadly fertilizer plant explosion took place, they are starting to shift toward recovery. some residents are being allowed to return to their homes in west, texas. they will be under a curfew. the explosion killed 14 people on wednesday. authorities are investigating the cause of the blast. the major disasters this week coincided with an emergency drill in one bay area city. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec
answers the question, are we ready to respond to a large- scale disaster? [ yelling ] >> reporter: in this scenario it's all pretend but after two major disasters in the u.s. this week, the bombing in boston and the plant explosion in texas, the possibility of a large-scale tragedy here is hitting home. >> what will we do? what will happen? >> reporter: those are the questions that brought hundreds of people to this training drill in san francisco today put on by the fire department's nert, or neighborhood emergency response team. >> the preparation that you do is really going to pay off no matter what the emergency is. >> reporter: in the bay area, we're vulnerable to earthquake, flooding, fire and terrorist attacks. >> absolutely first responders will be there but they will be overwhelmed by an event such as the one in boston. >> reporter: what we saw in boston was volunteers stepping in to help stopping bleeding and saving lives. >> it's kind of brought more seriousness to the volunteers approach. you know? maybe there's sort of a casual approach, yeah, i'll go to the
drill. now there's a pressing urgency about keeping our skills fresh. >> reporter: 300 people had initially signed up for the drill and 50 more signed up after monday's bombing. but it's not just average citizens who had their eyes opened. >> i guess as first responders, are we ready? what's our plan? >> reporter: fema says the bay area is one of the most prepared areas of the world when it comes to emergency training. but it's still not enough. >> are we prepared? a lot of us are. but, you know, again we're going to rely on volunteers like they have here today to help us out. >> reporter: if you would like to learn for about nert training, find more information on our website, just click on "links and numbers." in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the training program is called nert in san francisco but around the country it's called sert and there are similar groups all over the bay area. flags flew at half-staff at fenway park today. the boston red sox paid tribute to the victims of the boston marathon bombings before today's home game.
♪ and the home of the brave [ applause and cheers ] >> an emotional moment before the first pitch. the red sox honored first responders today by wearing new uniforms. the team name was replaced with one word, boston. developing news in southern california. a large fire burning near the san gabriel mountains has forced residents out of their homes. at least 100 homes in monrovia are under evacuation orders. one firefighter on scene suffered heat exhaustion. the fire scorched 90 acres today and it is only 10% contained. celebrating earth day early in the bay area. still to come, a big change in store for shoppers on the peninsula. >> leave the eagle at home. stop projecting yourself on to your kids. i know it's hard to do. leave your ego at home. >> little league games
suspended after a shooting. next, the parents and coaches who promised a zero tolerance policy for bad behavior. >> what a fantastic weather day for anything outside including little league. man, was it gorgeous. but not everybody shared in the warmth. san jose, you got toasty. find out which spots didn't make the grade temperature-wise and when everybody is going to warm up. some of you close to 90. your forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,
- a gun. a shooting forces giants to one thing you don't expect at a little league game, a gun. a shooting forces the north vallejo giants to suspend their game. kpix 5's patrick sedillo with the players and parents who refuse to give up on their season. reporter: >> we want these kids to have positive memories. >> reporter: this weekend, little legal parents and players outraged over adults behaving badly. a fight that started between two men wednesday watching a game at this little league park in vallejo put the games on hold after someone pulled a gun. >> it was a fight that escalated into gunfire. >> reporter: the shot took place a half block away from
the field. no one was hurt. but at least 100 parents, coaches and kids came together today to make it clear, violence isn't welcome here. >> leave the ego at home. stop projecting yourself on to your kids. i know it's hard to do. >> reporter: the league is enforcing zero tolerance, taunting, violence, profanity, among other things, not allowed, effective immediately. if it happens, the person or persons in the stands will be removed. they promised. >> just commonsense rules that are probably everywhere. and we have to make sure that they remain posted and we enforce them vigorously. >> these are just kids and the majority of the kids do know that. a lot of the things that we're seeing is just people bringing their personal problems to the field. they are ready. we're ready to go and thank goodness we had a good turnout. >> reporter: they intend to be back on the field monday and plan to go to the city council meeting to ask for more of a police presence tuesday night. >> so i want to make sure that i do everything that my kid can get back out there and have fun
with his teammates. >> reporter: in vallejo, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> the north vallejo little league is currently in its 49th season and about 200 children play in the league. new release for hundreds of thousands of injured and sick veterans. the timeline to take up all the back bogged cases for disability claims. new relief for veterans. >> sunshine from the coast to the sierra. but temperatures really differed depending where you were. some of you were well into the 80s. some of you were stuck in the 60s. find out when everybody goes 10 to 15 degrees above average with the forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
more about the people who stepped up and helped out r after the boston explosions. we are learning more about the people who stepped up and helped out after the boston marathon bombings. one of those good samaritans is dr. thomas randall the chief of neurology at the va hospital in palo alto. he had finished the marathon 20 minutes before the explosions. the former boston resident says it wasn't his knowledge of medicine but the city itself that came in handy. >> i could tell people where to go. i could direct them where their families were likely to be, where the bags containing one's clothes were. >> dr. randall returned to the bay area the next day. this was his third boston marathon. he also plans to run in the san francisco marathon. well, some relief for veterans who have been waiting many months for a decision on their disability claims. they are moving to the front of the line. the va has announced it will begin work immediately on tens of thousands of backlogged cases. about 250,000 of its 900,000
pending claims have been in the system for a year or more. the news came just as two bay area congress members urged the va to clear the lag jam. the va will target the old he was cases first. it could take up to six months to get through them all. more bay area headlines. marijuana advocates in san jose are marking the counter cultural holiday of 420 today. 420 is a slang term for marijuana and it's today's dade. the largest medical marijuana show in the country hemp con is taking place at the convention center. and there were several booths showing off products, dispensaries and medical evaluation services. hempcon continues tomorrow. several cities got a head started on earth day this weekend with recycling and clean-up events. volunteers also hauled away trash left behind at thornton beach in daly city ahead of next week's plastic bag ban. on monday, plastic bags will be banned at daly city stores. businesses are encouraging shoppers to bring in reusable
bags, but they will have the option to buy paper bags. paul deanno in tonight for roberta gonzales and as you said, what a gorgeous day. >> it doesn't get much better. we have to almost look at our -- it is mid-april. it is not summertime yet. but we had some summertime temperatures out there. sure felt nice and probably close to your comfort zone, something that may be eluding you the next couple of days because things are going to get warmer. livermore, napa, concord 80s today close to 90 by monday. san jose you will be well into the 80s starting monday. you had a high of 79 today. oakland 77. look at the coastline with the light onshore flow right along the coast. we were chilly. half moon bay today, only a high of 61 degrees. now let's take a look at what we have coming up tonight and tomorrow morning. it will be a beautiful night. keep the windows open in san francisco down to 50. napa 47. fremont 47. mountain view you will start off your sunday with a low of 50 degrees. radar is clear just love showing it to you. not a drop of rain within about 400 miles of the san francisco
bay area. we could use some rainfall. this is when the rainy season wraps up. we're ten inches below average in san francisco. nearly 7" below average for livermore and san jose for the year. but there is zero rainfall in sight for the next several days because of that center of high pressure which two things i want to point out. on it's taking the storm track and shoving it away from us. no rainfall. but still it's farther offshore which is still giving us a light onshore gradient. the wind coming from the pacific ocean. that's why in half moon bay and pacifica, and monterey and even in san francisco, your temperatures today were held down into the 60s. that begins to change tomorrow. high pressure moves closer to us almost eliminating the onshore flow so the warmup begins on sunday, everybody about 5 degrees warmer tomorrow even at the coastline, which will get close to 70. then monday and tuesday, high pressure then moves a little bit to the north expands its influence. that gives us the offshore winds. that's the stuff we get knocked over in. warmer temperatures on monday
and tuesday, close to 90 away from the water. that's the peak of the heat coming up on monday and tuesday. then we'll have cooler weather with the onshore flow coming back on wednesday. so if you don't like the warm stuff, get through the next couple of days, cooler weather is coming back. mid-80s tomorrow for san jose and concord. we are looking at about 86 for campbell, 87 for morgan hill. hayward tomorrow 79. well into the 80s for pleasant hill and concord. and warmer in san francisco downtown likely 70 degrees. extended forecast, we're toasty through tuesday. you see that change toward thursday? that's when we cool back down, inland 70s and near the bay down to the 60s. so very warm, warmest since october coming up starting tomorrow. >> looks nice. thank you. not often we get to say that we have flag football highlights in sports. >> let me tell you something. i mean, this is explosive. >> all right. >> nowhere else but here, kpix 5, will you see screaming women in flag football. that will hook ya.
that and the warriors first play-off round in denver. the story in two minutes. [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ]
for. the the warriors game exciting down to the very last second. >> absolutely. this is a game, the warrior fans, you got two, three days to think about this before game 2. and the would have, could have, should have is all going to zipping in. this is the day warrior fans have waited six years for. the play-offs, post-season, whatever you want to call it in
an arena where the nuggets won 23 straight home games and lost only three times all year. could they steal this? steph curry started cold missing the first nine shots. david lee a slam off the great pass by curry. klay thompson was hot. big turnaround jumper. 15 in the first half for klay. curry finally made a field goal. 1:20 before the first half ended. of course it was a three-point shot. 72 on the season. mcgay over andrew bogut. the warriors had a four-point halftime lead. then the shooting went into the deep freeze, folks. only 16 points in the third period. and the nuggets smelled blood in the water, believe you me, they went after it. corey brewer with a 14-3 run. denver goes up 7 going into the fourth period.
and then david lee went down hard, injured, left hip flexor, left the game. still the warriors made a comeback. jack to carl landry lead down to 1. the doves would tie the game and so denver blows the dust off a 37-year-old andre miller. what a game. play-off career high 28 points. they couldn't stop him! warriors still down one. 40 seconds left. the unthinkable happened to it. y lawson, turnover and bucket the other way. the worst thing that could possibly -- oh, and the warriors are down 3. now we're down to 20 seconds left. jack to curry. look what happened. bucket. tied the game at 95. but the nuggets would get the final shot. cue andre miller, 18 of his points in the final period. time ran out on the warriors
and that's the ballgame. 97-95. the ws have until tuesday night to think about this. >> i never hit a game winning shot. so -- >> never. >> never. taken a couple and missed or turned the ball over. that was big for a first play- off game. >> i don't think anybody came in there believing we were going to sweep the denver nuggets. you got to win four games to advance. and you can't act like this is the -- it's not over. >> he is there for the celtics, knicks play-off game. jeff green what a first half. 20 points for the celtics. they led at the half. then they turned the ball over too many times.
carmelo anthony. knicks win 85-78 on game one. [ applause and cheers ] >> nobody going to dictate -- >> that's the big papi. an emotional time. he singled up the middle 2 for 4, helped the red sox beat the royals 4-3. it's a city and state championship you will only see here on kpix 5 to anoint the queens of football. [ screaming ] >> undefeated lincoln taking on mission for the city and state flag football title. a little organized flag football here. the only one of its kind in california. it was all lincoln, joy fisher with that touchdown grab and devon looking like colin kaepernick. 50-yard touchdown run. lincoln today won the first-
ever girls flag football championship 44-0. they finished unbeaten at 5-0. >> so proud of my team. it's not a one-man thing. it takes a whole team to get this far. so i'm really proud and excited for the celebration we're about to have after. >> it's funny. when the seconds were rolling off i was shooting the game. so you want to get the emotion of them mobbing each other on the sidelines. i didn't have thick enough headphones to match the screaming that was going on. >> okay. >> wait, wait. this commentary? >> no. i'm just -- it was -- it was one of those moments in sports, you know, that you see the raw emotion come out over a new sport in its first year state champions. >> and you heard it. >> saw it and heard it. >> all righty. that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you in half hour. vern has more highlights. good night. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight, boston exhales. ( gunfire ) les.r a final confrontation that ended in the capture of the bombing suspect dzhokar tsarnaev, we have new pictures of the surviving suspect as he tried to hide from police. the latest on the investigation. >> ♪ hallelujah... >> axelrod: a stirring day at fenway park. red sox fans pay tribute to the resolve of all those who responded to the attack. an and a boston marathon champion eow in london with a message of resilience as she gets ready for her next marathon tomorrow. >> you can't live your life in fear. i mean, anything could happen anywhere. re captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod.